Choosing Porcelain Slabs for GTA Kitchens

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Read on to learn more about why homeowners are choosing porcelain slabs as a kitchen countertop option for their GTA homes.
Porcelain slabs are becoming a popular alternative to natural stone in high-end homes across the GTA. More homeowners are discovering the benefits of installing porcelain countertops and flooring in their homes. Many homeowners are already familiar with the chic look and easy maintenance of porcelain tiles; however, more newly engineered porcelain countertops are making their way into upscale homes. Porcelain provides the sleek look and shine of natural stone with added resistance against heat, scratches, and stains, making it the ultimate kitchen countertop material. Porcelain kitchen countertops have grown in popularity amongst homeowners due to their durability and worry-free maintenance. Unlike natural stone, which is prone to stains from absorbing spills, porcelain countertops are non-porous and are unaffected by acidic foods and solutions, making them perfect for kitchen use. Porcelain slabs are redefining durability for interior surfaces. Below, we’ll go over some of the many reasons porcelain has become a popular choice in the kitchen.


Porcelain is fabricated under scorching heat and is able to withstand extremely high temperatures, no matter how thin the material may be. Thin, yet strong, porcelain offers extreme durability and resistance against your hot pots and pans. Homeowners no longer have to worry about finding a heat pad at the last minute or burning their countertops.


One of the greatest worries that come with natural stone counters is staining. Accidents happen and spills are almost impossible to prevent completely, so homeowners have had to deal with etching and stains as a result. Unlike natural stone, porcelain countertops are non-porous and can defend against spills and acidic liquids much better than marble or granite.


Another issue owners of natural stone surfaces have to deal with is etching (or scratching). This is especially true for marble, where acidic foods, juices, and cleaning solutions can leave marks on your countertop. Homeowners with natural stone countertops are still encouraged to use cutting boards to protect their surface. Porcelain countertops are graded for exterior use and can easily withstand the daily rigors of a busy kitchen. It is also highly resistant to physical damage, such as cracking and scratching.

Easy to Clean

Since porcelain countertops are impervious to stains and acidic foods that cause etching, they are much easier to maintain than natural stone surfaces. As porcelain is a non-porous material, homeowners will not have to rush to clean spills or worry about which type of cleaning solution is suitable for their countertop. One of the greatest secrets to having a nice-looking kitchen is to have a clean kitchen, and porcelain makes for an easily maintainable surface that you and your family can keep tidy.
Porcelain slabs are so thin that they can even be installed over the existing countertop in your GTA home. Easy to maintain and extremely durable, they make for excellent kitchen countertops. Choosing a porcelain countertop can also help give your kitchen a cohesive look by matching colours and patterns with your tile or baseboards. Porcelain countertops are becoming a very suitable and functional alternative to natural stone slabs in the kitchen.